This is ..

This is the story of my heart. A cryptic message from my heart.


19 responses to “This is ..

  1. Your heart is full of wonderful messages.
    Thank you for giving me something beautiful to read.

  2. sam

    hey ahjushi…….
    even though u really make me go AAAAHHHHHH…..
    but thank u for sharing ur beautiful thots with me thru this blog… ^^
    i really cant explain in words …. wat i feel reading this blog.,… and how to describe u .. but i am hoping i will some day be able to.

  3. hi… uh– should i call you ahjushi or oppa? i’m not sure, what i’m sure is that you’re older than i am.
    so oppa (i’ll just call you that),
    i’m inspired to say the least.
    this blog despite being plain and all, was very touching.
    if all these entries and posts are really directed to that someone special,
    i hope that she will finally realize how precious you are 🙂
    if not, then i know you’ll definitely find someone who is going to be dear to you, and you to her ^^


  4. Reader

    your thoughts are deep, somehow filled with too much sorrow, sometimes.
    Take some time off, go somewhere, rediscover yourself, maybe fall in love.
    Maybe you’ll find something in life more worth it then waiting.( I’m not sure about this but your post seems to show that you are waiting for someone and something to happen, if you are looking for a sign, this is it, go for it.)

  5. You have very interesting pictures, and quotes~ ^^

  6. JongKey

    your words make me feel stronger to tell him that I love him…thank you ❤

  7. your poems and messages are so vivid and in touch with reality that it makes me smile, and poner over the thought that i am not the sole person who at times is enveloped by catastrophic darkness… i love your posts! keep posting! 🙂

  8. nannou

    i really looooooooove this blog and im sooo pround to be a freind here”well done” ❤

  9. EiLeeN

    I’ll be one of the fan of your blog~ it’s interesting and meaningful. keep on posting so tat i can improve my english too~~ ahahahah~~ (^_^)

  10. i don’t know how i found your blog, but i think i love it! there’s so much to find yourself in and you seem to always say or post a picture quote that can relate to something. continue like this! i will be reading your blog very often from now on! (:

    • Jetzy 이재우

      It just a story in cryptic of my feelings, I leave the rest to your imagination.
      And thanks for visiting, I’ll try to post more.

  11. aydenryen


    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I couldn’t read every post without crying. I hope you write more as well.


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