Familiar stranger


I remember…

with all my heart – I do

how when I was down

broken and battered


how you looked my way,

gave back to me

the only thing that I held dear,

this broken piece of me,

…and you healed me

of my affliction, my contradiction

I recall you laughing…smiling

so kindly, that I became afraid

how you whispered in my ear

as I cried, as I bled 

pouring out a heartache,

and how you understood

as only you…

ever could

I remember


how can silly, fragile,

and deeply tormented souls 

as I had been, ever forget

that not every angel we meet

is able to fly?

Some have broken wings

from a life left behind, like you do

I remember…

because, in another time,

the life you left 

was also mine

My immortal - rueberry

3 responses to “Familiar stranger

  1. Just posted my final entry. Goodbye Stranger. 🙂 Take care.

  2. A once close friend becomes an almost stranger, that feeling is almost like breakup. However, doesn’t matter how much it hurts, I still appreciate that friendship had occurred and was part of my life. I wish I could thank them for being an important part of my life once, and farewell.

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