Battle scars


Now that it’s over, now

that we’ve breached the

pain, is it any better for you?

Now that we’ve cried our tears,

wept our rivers of rain, do you

still think of me now, or was I

easy to forget?

Do you know how much I died?


Did you see the light leave from

my eyes?

When we were over; when we

became the past,

When we told different stories,

and the truth hid within our hearts,

now that we’re over, alone without

a chance to love

( alone without a chance )

Our love

p/s: I chose the title "Battle Scars" because 
I relate to the song by Guy Sebastian
 featuring Lupe Fiasco which shares the same name
— Unrequited - rueberry

3 responses to “Battle scars

  1. Listened to the song you mentioned and it led me to to ask, “Are you at war with love?” Which then led me to Shinhwa’s This Love, which led me to Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger, which led me to Leona Lewis’s Better In Time, which finally led me to Jon Gibson’s God Loves a Broken Heart. 🙂

  2. Yep, your post took me on it. As you know, I’ve never been in love.

    Right now I’m over the moon with some good news. I’m so happy.

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