Still beating


He kept inside the love he craved,

too afraid to give away,

what was deep inside his heart,

what once was cut beneath the scars

His eyes held back his river’d tears,

afraid to drown from all the years

Alright is just another word, and love

a promise so absurd

Still, deep inside he hoped and prayed

his pain would somehow fade away

He kept inside him everyday, a love

He swore would not escape

Mistakes can hurt so hard,

when love is scarred, and stops

a beating heart

(P/S: I edited this to be male’s version) Scar – rueberry


3 responses to “Still beating

  1. Scars can be a good or bad thing. It’s what they do to and for us that counts.

    Love holds its breath while the heart beats on waiting for a new love to take love’s breath away. There’s a yearning.

  2. eileen cawker

    better to have loved and lost than not to have been loved period….

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