A willing victim

tumblr_mgf8ti7zE41qf9ntao1_400There is a hurt; a hurt I do not tell

One I keep, kept hidden from the world

There is a spot upon my soul; a scar so

dark, a doubtful part that once was bold

There is a smile I’ve practiced well, so much

so, yet, not enough to convince myself

I had a love, perhaps I still

One deep within, yet, unfulfilled

For there was a girl I loved so, but who

herself could not as much, who could

not heal that which I hide so well, a spot,

a hurt, I do not tell

— Hurt - Rueberry

7 responses to “A willing victim

  1. Hello stranger, nice to be back. 🙂

    Well mentioned the pregnancy, well my watermelon plant’s pregnant, and reading this made me wonder. It’s a small fruit now but gradually and hopefully it’ll grow into something big and fulfilling.

    Relationships are like that. When and if they begin, we hope for them to grow into something big and fulfilling. But if they don’t, there’s always that moment of pain. So the question is, “Should we plant another “seed”?”

    Gardening has taught me a lot. 🙂

    Take care. 🙂

    A few nights ago, I felt like taking a motorbike ride. That memory just popped into my head. Sometimes I can be a scatterbrain. A good thing.

    • Jetzy 이재우

      Hey, I hope you’re well.

      Lately I’ve been driving alone wandering at night and just park my car somewhere quiet and drawn myself in my own thoughts.

  2. Are you okay?

    Me, I’m beginning to feel restless.

    • Jetzy 이재우

      what is okay? I guess okay is we learn to accept things and adapt to it.

      and we’re never truly okay, we’re constantly trying to adapt changes.

      I’m out of breath.. gasping for air.

  3. That definition depends on the situation. I disagree, there are times when we’re truly okay, but I agree that life’s a constant at adapting until there’s a “fit”. We all have those “ick” moments.

    I’m in no way belittling yours. Perhaps, well perhaps I want to be a part of it.

    Out of breath. Gasping. If you want to talk, then talk. No more riddles. 😦

    • Jetzy 이재우

      I stutter when I talk, I’m not good at explaining my feelings, and find the right words for it.
      So I tend to find poems to fit it. In best way I could create my own story.

  4. My sister stutters.

    Okay, communicating through poetry. Good idea if you’re not the talkative kind. As for not finding the right words, my dad was like that too. He also wasn’t talkative. So I get it. Big, fancy words don’t impress me. If your English isn’t good, no problem. 🙂

    How are you now?

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