The beginning of the end


I tried to show you how much I care

I tried to love you when your love was


I gave you everything; I gave you it all

I’d kiss your cheek just to fall in

your eyes

I fell to pieces when you told me goodbye

I’m just a heartache in search of a cure,

but looking’s harder when what I need

is your’s

I held you when you would break down and cry

I cried with you, until you smiled

Now that your gone, and I’m all alone

Now that my world is just a place I never

thought it would be;

( I’m falling )

— Heart to heart - rueberry

2 responses to “The beginning of the end

  1. Are you in love with someone? How do you know?

    March 1st already. Christmas is coming. 🙂

  2. Jetzy 이재우

    Happy first March then 🙂

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