A willing victim

tumblr_mgf8ti7zE41qf9ntao1_400There is a hurt; a hurt I do not tell

One I keep, kept hidden from the world

There is a spot upon my soul; a scar so

dark, a doubtful part that once was bold

There is a smile I’ve practiced well, so much

so, yet, not enough to convince myself

I had a love, perhaps I still

One deep within, yet, unfulfilled

For there was a girl I loved so, but who

herself could not as much, who could

not heal that which I hide so well, a spot,

a hurt, I do not tell

— Hurt - Rueberry

The beginning of the end


I tried to show you how much I care

I tried to love you when your love was


I gave you everything; I gave you it all

I’d kiss your cheek just to fall in

your eyes

I fell to pieces when you told me goodbye

I’m just a heartache in search of a cure,

but looking’s harder when what I need

is your’s

I held you when you would break down and cry

I cried with you, until you smiled

Now that your gone, and I’m all alone

Now that my world is just a place I never

thought it would be;

( I’m falling )

— Heart to heart - rueberry