Curtain call

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Their’s had been a lover’s quarrel, two once

loving souls vexed by a thing neither had


And, so, came one winter’s morn a pain too

great to walk the path they had meant take,

and took from them their love

A path unable, they, to suffer a moment more

Their’s had been a lover’s quarrel, but more

than such, vexed were they by strange a thing

neither could understand

Separate ways the two they went, two hearts

broken, having scars of resentment’s bitter 

Two once loving souls, incapable, no

longer able

A lover’s quarrel; two broken souls

Two separate paths; two separate ways

Two weeping hearts harshly weeping in

their pain

A pain so deeply from deeply quarreling

Two once loving souls, now, not knowing

but what was, yet, not what might have been

Stricken by hostile memories, and the bittersweet

that love regrets

Their’s the loss of love; their’s the hurt of

cruelest faith

Loving souls succumbed, no longer able,

to dream of love that thought, they, would become

The love that knew to dream

The love that now could never be 

— When lovers quarrel - Rueberry