Ask me if I am alright, please, ask if I am okay.
Notice my wretched smile,
the way my inconsolable grin avoids my eyes,
and ask if there is anything that you could do to fulfill its intentions.
Bring your face closer, your mouth barely an inch away from mine,
and reach down for my freezing hands.
Let me grasp at your fingers,
claiming the stability and comfort that they have to offer,
and let me fall into your embrace.
Please, ask if you can stay,
ask if you can lessen my agony,
ask if you can love me.

 — andwhisper/unknown

The disregarded

What I’m most afraid of is that feeling..
The feeling of being alone; of being lost.
That feeling when you have absolutely no idea what’s going on inside of you.
When you have no idea what’s coming next or where you’re going.
When you feel lost while you’re just sitting in your room.
When you’re just completely empty inside and you can actually feel it.

— smooched