The heart is taken. Taken for granted.

Every single day, you’ve crossed my mind.
But now you are simply becoming just a thought.
The emotions attached are fading away…


3 responses to “The heart is taken. Taken for granted.

  1. When you’ve reached that point, then you know you’re getting over.

    Can a relationship lasts if only one person loves less/more than the other person?

    I hear and read about marriages that last for such a long time, but then I also hear that some of those years were spent in misery. It’s not the number of years but the quality of the relationship. This goes for any relationship.

  2. Jetzy 이재우

    relationship last when one stop loving another, but love last as long as the person keep it in them.

  3. Relationships end, yes, the love continues for that particular person. Is it a good thing?

    And if beginning a new relationship, how much can you love the new person in your life if you still have love for the old person in your life?

    In wanting to give love, that person should give their total love not partial love.

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