The things we overlooked

Do not ask for fulfillment in all your life, but for patience to accept frustration.
Do not ask for perfection in all you do, but for the wisdom not to repeat mistakes.
Do not ask for more, before saying “Thank You” for what you have already received.

— Brenda Short

3 responses to “The things we overlooked

  1. The things we carry.

    May your weekend be a blast. 🙂

    My team, Liverpool FC, is in a spot of trouble. 😦 Mention this because I saw Manchester United on your status.

    • Jetzy 이재우

      Just hopefully my grandma would get better, bringing her to hospital now as I’m typing this.
      Awh I’m sorry for you =P
      But I do enjoy good football, I’m not a hater or that much fanatic, I just like Man Utd more =p

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