Voices in my heart

Sometimes, I just wish someone would take the time to go past my sarcasm,
my loud mouth, my smiling face, my grades and my remarks to
see a part of me that few have ever seen.

I keep all these things bottled up inside me because
I’m afraid no one will care, no one will listen, no one will understand.

I’ve learned that goodbyes will always hurt,
pictures can never replace memories,
and words can never replace feelings.

If it’s a letter you want, I’ll write it now. If it’s a song, I’ll sing it loud.
If it’s attention, I’ll be around. And if it’s space you need, I’ll fly to the moon.
Hoping to come back and rescue you. But that’s only if you want me to.


2 responses to “Voices in my heart

  1. I don’t know you. I do know you. You’re just like me. Does that make sense? We both need to cut ourselves some slack.

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