A letter to YOU

Dear Savannah,
the good news is
we’ve been sent somewhere new.

Although l can’t tell you
where that is either.

The bad news is, this place actually
makes me miss the old place.

But it’s a full moon here tonight,
which makes me think of you.

Because l know that no matter what
I’m doing, no matter where l am,

this moon will always be
the same size as yours.

Half a world away.


Dear John The Movie - Novel by Nicholas Spark

2 responses to “A letter to YOU

  1. Haha, when I read the first verse, I knew it was from Dear John. I just watched that movie maybe 2 months ago, and there are many good lines in that movie!

    • Jetzy 이재우

      Haha, yeah theres a lot. Good movie, one of my favorite beside Time Traveler’s wife and The Notebook.
      But I haven’t read Dear John’s book yet.

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