Broken promises

And there she goes,
To where, who knows?
Leaving me here,
Drowning in tears,
Cause my heart ponders,
Thinks and wonders,

Here she’s at, cause I don’t know that
She might not believe,
But I take into consider her needs,
And I told her one day,

Which ever it may be in any way,
That I would prove to her my words,
But will she do her part?
And be my love?
Or will she get tired, bored, and done?
Cause what she needed most was finished upon

She drift somewhere else,
Oh so far away,
And leave this broken heart to yearn day by day

 — Diane Le

P/S : She did a girl version I just edit to guy version.

7 responses to “Broken promises

  1. Elizabeth

    Hey can you post the girl version 😀 thanks!

  2. Elizabeth

    oh yeah… LOL im so stupid man… lol you reply very quicly….. hahaha

  3. Elizabeth

    oh im at school (maths class) XD haha. hey how do you think of all these poems and everything?? im really curious, they’re like speaking the thoughts from my heart 🙂

  4. noname

    파약의 천개는 보였다. …

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