The truth always hurts

There’s only so much you can do before you stop and realize it’s over. The problem we
have is we hate giving up. It’s a sign of weakness and nobody likes to be weak; but
sometimes giving up will show that you have the strength to move on. It’s letting go
of something when you know it’s near the end.


3 responses to “The truth always hurts

  1. Elizabeth

    This is so true, but is giving up really a good thing? Is giving up sometimes really the right thing to do when you still have the tiniest faith that it might not be over?


    • Jetzy 이재우

      Well it’s subjective isn’t it? Sometimes its better to let go when there’s nothing to hang on anymore instead of making ourselves hurt more. Our heart usually in dilemma because we don’t really want to accept the truth.

  2. Giving up on certain things is a sign of strength. It’s holding on to things that we want to make us happy when they indeed make us sad, that’s weakness.

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