Until we meet again love

I have planned my move,
To carry on without your shadow,
The sky and the earth loyally accompany me,
The sun shines but is never on my side,
 I feel the searing heat without your protection,

Days go by and I patiently wait,
Your presence in my life,
 feelings of despair linger when the feet tire of running,
nevertheless, I am confident that I will find you,

 Never will I ever stop,
my steps in search of love,
whatever that I know is for my self,
I will continue to search for you for eternity,

Because I know I will finally find you,
and I will reel in beautiful dreams always,
I see everyone in  a state of bliss,
when they finally comprehend the meaning of love.
My smile is nothing but a reflection of sadness,
When I need a companion to talk to,

Do not hide love,
My eyes vaguely search,
Be present in my life,
Love do not run away when I make the move to hunt you.

— Jae

6 responses to “Until we meet again love

  1. One of my favorite songs.

    Did you write this poem?

  2. Yes, he has some issues or had, I don’t know, haven’t kept up with him.

    Have you heard of Seo Taiji? I’m in the mood for one of his songs, Internet Wars. Discovered him about three years ago. Still don’t have a full English translation of that song, but the video I love. And I’m not too crazy about music videos nowadays.

    9 pirates, One Piece?

    • Jetzy 이재우

      Yes, 9 Pirates is the latest title to the latest chapter of One Piece =D

      Yea Heard of Seo Taiji’s Internet War. Not my type.

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