Remember me

There are things in life that never last.
But the truth is, you never lost them until you let them go.
Life is about choice: hanging on, holding back, letting go.

Some things do last if you just let them, and if they let you.


4 responses to “Remember me

    • Jetzy 이재우

      I still having cough from the last time I sick, it just not going away.
      and now its getting sort of worse in annoying way, not as much as pain in the ass as before but yeah, still coughing like crazy.

      • What did the doctor say? Sometimes persistent cough is just that, other times, it’s much more. Yes, I’m concern.

        Hope you feel better and get to the reason for your coughing.

        Here’s to a less coughing weekend. 🙂

      • Jetzy 이재우

        yay for the less coughing weekend, not as bad as last week.
        thank you!

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