The one who loves you

Dear Loved One,

Listen carefully.

I’m not made of plastic,
I’m made of flesh.

If you cut me I will bleed.

I also wish to inform you, that pain in any relationship is inevitable.

Please try to limit causing me any as much as you can.

I know sometimes this is hard for a human as we are generally
a really ignorant, selfish and careless race.

but sensitivity would be very much appreciated.

I can handle a few blows darling, but eventually I will die.

This is just a reminder, not just for you, but for me as well…

though to be honest, I sometimes doubt my ability at causing any
feeling withing you. At least if I knew I had the power to hurt you
it would mean that you cared…

but that’s a whole other story

and I’m so tired and confused right now…


The One who Loves You.

— Minnie Davies

One response to “The one who loves you

  1. Definitely, we’re all vulnerable. Is that a good thing? Yes.

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