The truth and the lie

There is nothing, there is anything,
But there isn’t, perhaps there is,
Perhaps there isn’t, sure there is,
Say there isn’t, it’s not true,

There is truth, the lie  there is,
There is a lie, the truth is there,

No one knows, no one cares,
We know nothing, we know everything,

Still don’t know, there is an answer,
There isn’t an answer the truth there is,
The truth there isn’t, the lie there is,

The truth there is, the truth is a lie,
Anyone is me, I am anyone,
Everybody is me, I am everybody,

Like the truth become lie.

— Edwina

2 responses to “The truth and the lie

  1. Some know the truth but turn it into a lie; some know the lie and turn it into the truth. Somewhere in a lie is the truth, and somewhere in the truth is a lie. Sometimes.

    To say that no one cares or that no one knows isn’t factual. Someone somewhere knows the truth and the lie, they just don’t say.

  2. i know how it feels like when u think that the person closest to you is the one u can fully trust

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