I’m scared …

I’m scared and I don’t say that often. But I can’t stand the fact that you could hurt me. I don’t like being this close, but I love it. You’re my everything and I hate it. Because you have everything you need to break me. And I’m not saying you will, but I’m scared.


5 responses to “I’m scared …

  1. Should we make our girlfriends/boyfriends our everything?

    • Jetzy 타락천사

      There is no right answer to that question but, I was saying there’s a part of us, is so vulnerable and fragile to certain people.

  2. And sometimes they take that vulnerability and misuse it.

    A person can make someone else too much part of themselves, almost like it’s them that gives them air to breathe, a reason to live. That’s dangerous.

  3. moonie

    hey..im sam’s sister…u know from bbvip n i saw ur posts on her fb…do u write them urself or do u copy them from places? i mean they r really good…i was thinking maybe i can borrow them 🙂 i wont say they r from me though…full credit to u if u have written them ….


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