I think we all miss somebody

“I think we all miss somebody we shouldn’t be missing for reasons we shouldn’t be missing them for. For all the wrong reasons, and nothing more.”


5 responses to “I think we all miss somebody

  1. nubcak™

    What is a wrong reason to miss someone??
    Can you even help it?
    The missingness sort of grows.

    I guess you could be addicted to someone…then its not really missing, its just you wanting your fix of that person…but then, is not being to live without someone the same as being addicted?

    Missing someone for real I think is like when a part of you is gone and you can live, but your life is better when they are in it.

    Sorry, I’m having like a discussion with myself to make my head understand this XD

    the quote on the pic makes me sad.. but always remember everything happens for a reason…even if it ends up being a very little reason.

  2. haru

    What to do when you miss them so much that your reality becomes an illusion. When you realize what’s going on will you ask yourself since when was it not real? Will you begin to doubt. Or can the importance of this person help?

  3. Have a nice weekend. 🙂

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