I’ve loved you then, like I love you now..

Maybe I wasn’t asking you to love me, maybe I was asking you to understand, because for so long I’ve been hurt and for so long you’ve ignored it, and maybe it is bad timing, but maybe, I don’t care. I’ve been here all along just waiting, waiting for you to notice, waiting for you to care. Waiting for you to say that you’ve been waiting too and you haven’t and maybe you never will or maybe you’re afraid to. But it all hurts the same, and in the end, I’m the one that’s left broken and when I lay down to sleep, I’m still the one crying, so screw the bad timing. I’ve loved you then, like I love you now, like I probably always will


7 responses to “I’ve loved you then, like I love you now..

  1. nubcak™

    In some cases waiting isn’t the answer. Its asking. because what if you are both a ‘waiting’ person…

    But it doesn’t matter what the answer is sometimes.

    all that matters is that even with the pain, you couldn’t help but love someone.

  2. Marvin Gilbert

    …if I had only known then, what I have come to know now, would I know, more or less, of love. I don’t know.

    …as we do not come to know our journey, until we have prepared, completed and looked back upon it. We don’t know.



  3. Marvin Gilbert

    Hello Diva of Synchronicity!


  4. Marvin Gilbert

    No, no, not me!

    This male is “respectful” of his feminine side, but definitely NOT “in touch” with it! I leave that to women, and so “Jetzy”, the “Diva” I referred to is biologically so!

    The comment was intended for an old schoolmate, Dr. Diva Verdun. Anyway, very nice words requiring a heartfelt response.


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