You’re not there anymore…

We still speak, but the conversations are shorter. I speak hesitantly, in
fear that something will slip out like “I miss you” or “I miss this,” and I
will immediately regret the words I have spoken.
Because if I say these things
 I will realize I’m still not over you after all this time, and my heart will
 once again be thrown out and about every time I see you.
I don’t want to have
to go through that pain again, so I make like I’m over it. I cover it up and
live my life as though I am happy when the truth is, I’m not because you’re
not there anymore, standing next to me holding my hand and telling me
everything will be okay as long as we stick together.


2 responses to “You’re not there anymore…

  1. It is a serious blow to ones pride to read this and actually recognize yourself in this. Painful even.

    Not that I do…

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