Like a stack of dominoes …

Like a stack of dominoes, I felt the distance slowly growing between us.
And one by one, the pieces began falling, hinting the heartbreak to come.
With every day that passed we grew further and further apart, until one day
I found you gone without a trace. The pieces still continue to fall. The sad
part is that I am still here, I am still waiting, wishing and hoping you will
come around. The sad part is no matter how much I know in my heart you will
never come back, I cannot move from where I am. I am still waiting.
I am still hoping for a miracle. I am still in so deep, I can’t get out of
this one, not this time.


2 responses to “Like a stack of dominoes …

  1. nubcak™

    Actions speak louder than hoping, waiting, wishing and pretending something is not there doesn’t solve anything.

    I guess sometimes situations don’t allow you to anything else though.

    (I like the new layout, it’s very green and I like the picture, it’s very British 😀 )

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