I pray that you’re happy

It’s not that I miss you. I just, for some reason,
keep thinking you’re going to walk through that door and
tell me that you miss me and you want me and can’t imagine your
life without me. I keep thinking you need me and you’re randomly
going to call me, IM me, or text me. I keep waiting for the moment
you’re going to man up and tell me all this, then I realize why you
haven’t done it yet because none of it’s true. You’ve moved on now,
and you’re happy. Without me.

And I pray that you’re ok.
That it’s okay.
I pray all the parts of you that I remember are still there.
I pray that you’re happy even if it’s not with me

6 responses to “I pray that you’re happy

    I CRIED 😦

  2. nubcak™

    Why can’t it all be lovely for once? and Why cant everyone be happy?

    Maybe one day, I hope…

  3. And I pray you try to move one, that love doesn’t happen only just once.

  4. Jetzy 타락천사

    girlgeum – i moved on long time ago ^^

  5. hatemall

    Your words are addicting. I don’t want to read them because it’s so much heartache and pain. But i can’t help but read them because they are yours…

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