Dreams are ..

Dreams are always crushing when they don’t come true. But it’s the simple dreams that are often the most painful because they seem so personal, so reasonable, so attainable. You’re always close enough to touch, but never quite close enough to hold and it’s enough to break your heart.

— Nicholas Sparks - Three Weeks with My Brother

2 responses to “Dreams are ..

  1. nubcak ™

    Yeah and there is no way to change it either and you always remember how you could never get that thing you wanted, and you laugh about it later on because its less painful, but you never forget about how you missed it…

  2. Sometimes dreams are nightmares.

    Close enough to touch, but not close enough to hold, that in itself is not simple at all.

    Why do we want certain people by our sides?

    Speaking of going back. Well, a very belated, belated birthday. 😳


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