Sometimes when I can’t sleep …

Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I picture my funeral and write eulogies in my head. In the fantasy, I almost always die in some tragic but unavoidable way. A drunk driver mows me down. Or a brain aneurysm. I make sure I suffer little, but die with courage and dignity and clean underwear. I like to think more about the funeral rather than how I die. Who would come? Who would face their fears of public speaking and get their ass to the pulpit? Who would decide that they had better things to do than to show up at all? I wonder if people would cry, and if there is anyone in the world who would hold the tears back for fear of never stopping.

— Julie Buxbaum

2 responses to “Sometimes when I can’t sleep …

  1. nubcak ™

    I think everyone wonder what their funeral will be like. Its the party dedicated to you that you can’t attend, but I find people lie at funerals…mostly because they feel bad that they probably were horrible to the person who died. Its just a shame that the only time someone gets the attention they deserve they aren’t there to enjoy it.

  2. Dead people can’t hear words that in life they were yearning to have been said.

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