This love will not perish

I yearn for love

Writing about someone I dearly miss

I always call out your name

Without any doubt nor feel bored

I write this love poem

In the darkness of the night

till the dawn breaks

so that this love will bloom forever

This love will not perish from the face of earth

even though in a thousand years

Oh god please help me

please cherish this love

even though it hurts me

My soul suffers

and yearn to love

and to be loved again


A love that is built on the purity of the heart

and a bond of understanding


So that my love

will last forever




— Jae

2 responses to “This love will not perish

  1. nubcak ™

    Hey you! *applause for the new poem*

    I guess what everyone wants most is love that lasts forever. The only thing is that it seems impossible…but its not really, just a matter of patience.

    I dont know much really, but I get the feeling of it.

  2. Why cherish what hurts us? How can something perish that’s already dead?

    Your poem flows with what was, and what you hope to be. Even though you want to save something, you’re still looking for that same something from somewhere or someone else.

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