The heart that you’ve stomped on

The heart that you’ve stomped on is still beating and even so towards you.
No matter how hard I try, no matter how many new people I meet, and again and again why I turn around and think of you


니가 짓밟고 떠난 심장이 아직도 뛰고 있어 그것도 너를 향해. 잊으려고 아무리 노력해봐도 새로운 사람들을 아무리 만나봐도 계속 다시 또 다시 돌아서면 왜 니 생각만 나는지

— 2pm - Heartbeat

3 responses to “The heart that you’ve stomped on

  1. And again and again, you’ll stay hurt, and not heal. Dangling in that moment of a love that’s gone, with your heart in your hands, not wanting to let go.

    Heart attack?

  2. Minnie

    Because you can’t ever truly forget someone you loved. When You love someone you get scarred for life. You can move on but you cant ever forget…I dont think you are supposed to forget.

  3. I’m not saying that you’ll forget a broken heart, but to continually live in the hurt, not letting go and allowing it to fester, doesn’t do good.

    We either look back at memories, even though they were bad, with wise reflections that our actions prove, or we don’t.

    This isn’t minimizing the effects or the scars left behind. I’ve got them. But what I’m I going to do with them, or about them?

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