In all honesty …


In all honesty, I do not wish to lose you

I still love you
and when u no longer need me
this is where it ends
till we are back together again

do you remember me
when I was with you
when I was in your heart

I remember you when you were with me
accompanying me to fill my time
and accompanying my heart

In all sincerity, I do not want to lose you

I love you dearly
I don’t know why this separation has to happen
and may we be together again

Love tastes so sweet when being with you

— Jae

3 responses to “In all honesty …

  1. wahh ahjussi :,)
    awesome poems 🙂

  2. zaty

    but is it possible to be together again after separation..
    everything is wonderful when you’re together yet it all become bitter after love…


  3. nubcak™

    I dont know how is feels to be seperated from someone I love so much, but I know how it feels when you are needed by someone and then suddenly they dont need you anymore.

    And then when that time comes you realize that maybe it was you that needed them all this time…

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