Your love is everlasting


My tears will never stop flowing whenever I think of you
Maybe you will be the only one who will ever know
Even to this second
I am all by

Do you miss me?
Even though we are from two different worlds
Even as time moves on,
I will always wait for you

Let this be my secret,
until when I am there
be patient

Within the serenity,
remember my love.

Even though I will might not see you again,
your love is everlasting.

— Jae

2 responses to “Your love is everlasting

  1. blossom

    sad v_v
    if we know who we are waiting for… even though we
    have to wait for our lifetime but waiting is very valuable

  2. nubcak™

    When something occurs it becomes a reality, so even when time passes and things change the reality of it still stands. Those events cant ever be changed and therefore they will last forever, sort of trapped in time…thats what I feel anyway.

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