This love ..



This love is granted by the almighty,
and when I feel how beautiful it is

and realize how weak I really am

my life means nothing when you are not with me

whenever, I will repay all that you had ever given me

my thanks to you

on your sincerity

to love me

I live because you live

with love

you make me alive forever

— Jae

3 responses to “This love ..

  1. blossom

    The only reason I stay that is ♥

  2. Minnie

    J you updated!!!

    This is nice J, its happy and contented and very dsuigdbjsa.
    Is this a recent one? If it is I’m glad you are happy ^ ^

    Now all you have to do is eat and sleep and you’ll
    feel absolutely wonderful.

  3. zaty

    i live because u live?
    true, even though the other person doesnt really care whether u live or not~~~

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