When I’m gone ..


When I am no longer around,
Keep all my poetry
Shed no more  tears 

That may be temporary..
when my replacement is met,
Forget me not.

The beautiful morning is as always
The sleep is stalled somewhere there
Its weak and still fragile,
Open your windows and let the lights shine through

Who would have ever thought
When it is time to leave the world forever..
it is unexpected.

If the moment is decided by God,
Then that person would be me.

The laughter and tears
Reminds of our time on this world
Wouldn’t it be wonderful
If we could live forever?

When I am gone,
Please keep all poetry,
Shed no more tears,

When my replacement is met,
Forget me not.

— Jae

One response to “When I’m gone ..

  1. Minnie

    This is sad. It has words like ‘leave’ and ‘forever’ and ‘replacement’…

    Actually I remember this one from your myspace. Its good to be reminded not to forget. being forgotten is the worst, its like something important gets lost and you dont realize.

    but then this is a subject that always gets to me because I dont like leaving or being left, or change or anything like that…is there a way of ever getting used to it?

    That said I like this one a lot, thanks for sharing J ^ ^

    lol, mega essay comment much? =D

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