The present


The more people you let into your life,
the more number of impacts you will experience
when they leave without permission,
and most, without hesitation.

Among the time they were with you,
you knew what beautiful can be like in different places.

When they demanded attention,
when they expressed disappointments,
and even,
when they found someone else to love.

I’m sorry I did not give you a reason to stay,
but there’s one thing I can be sure of.
I have seen your beautiful.

It will exist in different parts of my life,
sometimes subtly,
sometimes early in the morning,
sometimes in songs,
and sometimes in fall.

And maybe, that is enough.

— dandelion's snow

Familiar stranger


I remember…

with all my heart – I do

how when I was down

broken and battered


how you looked my way,

gave back to me

the only thing that I held dear,

this broken piece of me,

…and you healed me

of my affliction, my contradiction

I recall you laughing…smiling

so kindly, that I became afraid

how you whispered in my ear

as I cried, as I bled 

pouring out a heartache,

and how you understood

as only you…

ever could

I remember


how can silly, fragile,

and deeply tormented souls 

as I had been, ever forget

that not every angel we meet

is able to fly?

Some have broken wings

from a life left behind, like you do

I remember…

because, in another time,

the life you left 

was also mine

My immortal - rueberry

Borrowed Time


If I but could, I would
let you know I will never
not love you.

If I were able,
I would take away
all the pain
creating in you
what you are today.

If I only knew how,
I would take your hand
leading you along a road
to the greatest of
all destinations.

The journey
leading you to truth,

You could see
the universe
as it was
meant to be.

You could get past
the madness
driving your everyday.

If only I could,
I would.  

If only you knew.
I’m willing to show you.

If only it were possible
I would help you.

My love might have been
the answer,
but it was

If only — aquietjoy

Battle scars


Now that it’s over, now

that we’ve breached the

pain, is it any better for you?

Now that we’ve cried our tears,

wept our rivers of rain, do you

still think of me now, or was I

easy to forget?

Do you know how much I died?


Did you see the light leave from

my eyes?

When we were over; when we

became the past,

When we told different stories,

and the truth hid within our hearts,

now that we’re over, alone without

a chance to love

( alone without a chance )

Our love

p/s: I chose the title "Battle Scars" because 
I relate to the song by Guy Sebastian
 featuring Lupe Fiasco which shares the same name
— Unrequited - rueberry

Broken vow

tumblr_mignp9DDyq1rtxj3eo1_500While our hearts ache with desire
this passion we must never share
long ago you made a sacred vow
to honor a love now cold and bare

This secret yearning is forbidden
happily ever after cannot be ours
though clearly pure this is neither
in the cards or written in the stars

Try not to cry as we say goodbye
our story belongs now to eternity
angels and poets will weep for us
and the greatest love to never be

- the greatest love — mike frawley


Often I wonder
what would happen
if I stepped over this ledge
Leaving everyone behind
To live their perfected lives
As they smile and embrace
Friends painted by numbers
And hang pictures
On eternal walls
For all to see

Sometimes I wonder
What would happen
If I stepped over the edge
And into the unknown
Vanishing with the darkness
Engulfed by my own fear
Giving into my weakness
Filling in the broken cracks
With silent and invisible tears
As I dive deeper into the depths
Going to a place
For none to see

Looking over the edge — jerecro

Still beating


He kept inside the love he craved,

too afraid to give away,

what was deep inside his heart,

what once was cut beneath the scars

His eyes held back his river’d tears,

afraid to drown from all the years

Alright is just another word, and love

a promise so absurd

Still, deep inside he hoped and prayed

his pain would somehow fade away

He kept inside him everyday, a love

He swore would not escape

Mistakes can hurt so hard,

when love is scarred, and stops

a beating heart

(P/S: I edited this to be male’s version) Scar – rueberry

A willing victim

tumblr_mgf8ti7zE41qf9ntao1_400There is a hurt; a hurt I do not tell

One I keep, kept hidden from the world

There is a spot upon my soul; a scar so

dark, a doubtful part that once was bold

There is a smile I’ve practiced well, so much

so, yet, not enough to convince myself

I had a love, perhaps I still

One deep within, yet, unfulfilled

For there was a girl I loved so, but who

herself could not as much, who could

not heal that which I hide so well, a spot,

a hurt, I do not tell

— Hurt - Rueberry

The beginning of the end


I tried to show you how much I care

I tried to love you when your love was


I gave you everything; I gave you it all

I’d kiss your cheek just to fall in

your eyes

I fell to pieces when you told me goodbye

I’m just a heartache in search of a cure,

but looking’s harder when what I need

is your’s

I held you when you would break down and cry

I cried with you, until you smiled

Now that your gone, and I’m all alone

Now that my world is just a place I never

thought it would be;

( I’m falling )

— Heart to heart - rueberry

Curtain call

image_1359992815928684 (2)

Their’s had been a lover’s quarrel, two once

loving souls vexed by a thing neither had


And, so, came one winter’s morn a pain too

great to walk the path they had meant take,

and took from them their love

A path unable, they, to suffer a moment more

Their’s had been a lover’s quarrel, but more

than such, vexed were they by strange a thing

neither could understand

Separate ways the two they went, two hearts

broken, having scars of resentment’s bitter 

Two once loving souls, incapable, no

longer able

A lover’s quarrel; two broken souls

Two separate paths; two separate ways

Two weeping hearts harshly weeping in

their pain

A pain so deeply from deeply quarreling

Two once loving souls, now, not knowing

but what was, yet, not what might have been

Stricken by hostile memories, and the bittersweet

that love regrets

Their’s the loss of love; their’s the hurt of

cruelest faith

Loving souls succumbed, no longer able,

to dream of love that thought, they, would become

The love that knew to dream

The love that now could never be 

— When lovers quarrel - Rueberry